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Why Hire a Genealogist?

We’ve recently partnered with Legacy Tree Genealogists (not associated with a software company with a similar name), the world’s highest client-rated genealogy research firm. As a RootsMagic user, you can receive an exclusive discount on any research project with code SAVE50.

We are often asked “Why should I hire a professional genealogist? What can they do for me that I can’t do myself?” Here are a few reasons to consider hiring a professional:

  • Time - A professional genealogist knows the most efficient and cost-effective ways of compiling all the sources you need to have an accurate family tree.
  • Brick Walls - Professional genealogists have experience solving difficult genealogical problems, and have the knowledge and skills necessary to get past them.
  • Language Barriers/Foreign Research - Professional genealogy companies have team members who speak and read many different languages, so they can trace your ancestry beyond their immigration and into their country of origin. They also have onsite agents that they work with worldwide who can visit archives and libraries in other locations when needed.
  • Lineage Societies - A professional genealogist can help you collect the documentation you need to submit a successful application to whichever lineage society you might be interested in.
  • Team Approach - When you hire a professional genealogy company like Legacy Tree, not only will they review what you’ve done and assess what other options are out there, but they peer-review each other’s work, so your family tree is seen by at least 2-3 different professionals.
  • DNA Analysis - Their team includes DNA specialists who can give advice on which test(s) would be most beneficial to you, and can analyze the results of your test(s) to determine what the next steps in your research should be.
  • Validation - A professional genealogist can review your information, determine the quality of your sources, and help you fill in holes where things might be lacking.

When you are choosing a professional to work with, it’s important that you feel confident and comfortable with their knowledge and skills, and make sure they’re the right fit for you. You’ll want to find out things like how long they’ve been in business, what kinds of certifications or accreditations they have, and what kind of reviews they have received from other clients. Along those lines, here are a few facts about Legacy Tree Genealogists:

  • Legacy Tree Genealogists was founded in 2004 and is the highest rated genealogy research company in the world.
  • They’re based in Salt Lake City, Utah and have ready access to the Family History Library and its vast collections of microfilm, fiche, and books.
  • With contacts all over the globe, Legacy Tree regularly accesses records worldwide through onsite agents.
  • Each member of their core team has a degree in Family History/Genealogy or Genetics, 10+ years of genealogy experience, and/or is professionally accredited in genealogy. They also hold their team to a high standard of research, writing and analysis skills.

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