RootsMagic for PAF Users

PAF users have a new home

Change isn’t easy. Like many genealogists, you’ve probably used Personal Ancestral File (PAF) for years. You know it like you know your grandma’s sugar cookie recipe. It’s comfortable, it’s familiar, and unfortunately, it’s no longer being updated or supported.

As you considered your options, you learned about RootsMagic. Like PAF, RootsMagic is desktop genealogy software that allows you to record, research, and share your family history.

Unlike PAF, RootsMagic is actively being developed and updated— supporting the latest operating systems and genealogical technologies.

RootsMagic has all the features you’ve come to depend upon in PAF. Plus it does so much more.

Plus, RootsMagic is certified to share and collaborate with FamilySearch Family Tree. See for yourself why more people use RootsMagic to work with FamilySearch than any other program.