RootsMagic Quotes and Reviews

"My favorite for the best all-around program, RootsMagic 2.0 does an outstanding job of covering all of the genealogy bases.  Sophisticated and powerful, RootsMagic is also the easiest to use genealogy program that I have ever tested." (full review)
- Kimberly Powell, Genealogy Guide

"RootsMagic is arguably the best genealogy program we’ve seen. Had we tested this program a month earlier, it would likely have won last month’s head-to-head review."
- Smart Computing Magazine

"Editor's Choice.  The new program is called RootsMagic and I've immediately fallen in love with it."
- Heritage Quest Magazine

"For the money, RootsMagic is, by far, the most comprehensive, yet easy to use genealogy software available anywhere."
- Bill Dollarhide, Genealogy Bulletin

"As a tool for organizing your family history, RootsMagic beats Family Tree Maker hands down.  RootsMagic remains one of the most well-rounded genealogy programs and earns our highest recommendation."
- Family Tree Magazine (Rick Crume)

"There's no better genealogy package for the money."
- PC Format Magazine (March 2005)

"Roots Magic won't leave you disappointed... It's still the top of the genealogy tree."
- Computer Active Magazine (March 2005)

"All in all, RootsMagic is a winner. It is a very powerful genealogy program with all the features found in most competitive programs, plus it is very easy to use and has a modest price. I suspect that I will be recommending it to many people." (full review)
- Dick Eastman, Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

"If your present software isn't doing everything you had hoped, you may find RootsMagic has what you were looking for.  All in all, it is a powerful, easy-to-use program that can greatly aid researchers in family history."
- NEHGS New England Ancestors magazine (Rhonda McClure)

"In our opinion, FormalSoft has another winner.  RootsMagic has a good balance of intuitive navigation and simple functions with powerful features."
- Genealogical Computing magazine (Gary and Diana Smith)

"For many users this is the ideal program for recording your family history."
- Your Family Tree Magazine (UK)

"Altogether I found the program really easy to use with an impressive range of facilities, suitable for all users."
- Family Tree Magazine (UK)

"Widely regarded as one of the easiest pieces of software to get to grips with. It is ideal for beginners, with enough features to satisfy the experts. Highly recommended."
- Family History Monthly Magazine

"The price tag for Family Tree Maker is high, especially when there are less expensive programs, such as RootsMagic, that have better source-citation and record-comparison tools."
- Smart Computing Magazine

"This is an impressive upgrade to a program which was already a pleasure to use."
- Family History Monthly

"This Mac lover/addict has finally purchased a Windows XP personal computer *just* to be able to use RootsMagic. I don't care that Apple  has "beta" ability to run PC software -- I'll never trust anything Windows on my Mac! (It's not a question of your software -- I just prefer to keep my Mac "pure".)"
- C. Mueller in Albuquerque, NM

"I am taking a genealogy course at our local library and when the leader mentioned that Family Origins was defunct  (2 weeks ago) I told him that RootsMagic had taken the place of Family Origins.  As most teachers are alike - the leader quietly discredited my comment.  The good news is that last week he came into class and announced that RootsMagic was the absolute best genealogy program that he had ever run across and encouraged the entire class to start using the program."
- June B.

"I ordered my copy of "RootsMagic" Saturday at the AGCIG (Arizona Genealogist Computer Interest Group) meeting where Bruce showed us what his new baby can do.  It is really wonderful, and if possible it is more user friendly than his fantastic Family Origins, which I have been using for the last 10 years."
- Barbara W.

"I have been an avid fan of Family Origins for many years, and I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but... I have found one I like BETTER!  No lie, RootsMagic is hands down, so much more sophisticated than FO.  Bruce has taken so many of the things that frustrated me with FO and improved them (there still are a few things for future versions, ha ha)."
- Sue M.