Charting Companion

Charting Software from Progeny
Charting Companion
Platform: Windows Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000
$39.95 download $44.95 CD

Charting Companion complements RootsMagic by providing beautiful charts not offered by RootsMagic itself.

You can create full color fan charts of all types: full circle, half circle or quarter circle. Just select the starting person, the number of generations, and any number of options. You can even create descendant fan charts, which aren't available anywhere else.

Descendant Fan Chart

Another great feature is the ability to include siblings on ancestor, hourglass and bowtie charts. Now you can see aunts and uncles and spot naming patterns across generations.

Ancestor Chart with Siblings

You can color your charts based on gender, generation, lineage, or x-chromosome line, and with access to the full range of colors, including gradients and beveled edges, you can create spectacular wall size charts.

Descendant Chart colored by lineage