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RootsMagic for Family Tree Maker Users - Quotes and Testimonials

Family Tree Maker Users get RootsMagic for the upgrade priceDon't just take our word for it! Read these comments from other FTM users who have successfully made the switch to RootsMagic:

“Had [Family Tree Maker] for years, did a couple of upgrades, but switched to RM, imported my FTM database and never looked back. I'm a happy camper!” — Paul
“I think you will find that RootsMagic has a much easier and more complete data entry than FTM. I have tried FTM several years ago and RM was so much more logical in data entry and report generations.” — Keith
“I used [Family Tree Maker] on and off for years. Every time I would try to get serious about citing my sources I would get so frustrated with the software I would just give up. I finally got smart and started to look around for a more user-friendly program and found RootsMagic. I love it! I am now methodically transferring all my data from FTM to RM and citing everything as I go with more confidence and less frustration!” — Kathy
“I'm all Mac and switched [from Family Tree Maker] back in Feb 2015. So glad I did.”— Sondra